BPO Services

The process of deploying certain business consequenses to the third party is called BPO(Business Process Outsourcing). We with our offshore data management, verification and processing of our business data efficiently that constantly helps in the rapid growth of our business and proceses. The business scenario transforms everyday, you have to keep pace with the time to keep afloat. Your business needs to grow everyday. With cost of manpower and infrastructure rising up steadily, you cannot afford to waste resources. The answer to all these worries is outsourcing.

  • Inbound Services
  • Outbound Services
  • Customer Care Solutions
  • Sales Marketing
  • Verification services
  • Voice Broadcasting

"The real business is what we mean, and beyond what we deliver !". With the phenomenal growth of the BPO industry on global level,outsourcing has come a long way. It is not 'just' outsourcing rather it is a stepped and ongoing process including everything from pitching in new business sustaining to the existing and eventually growing businesses both.

In Transaction Processing we offers highly secure backend support and processing of large volume of transactions for our prospective clients. Our offerings include generic transaction processing and vertical specific transaction processing services for our verticals focuses.

In Finance and Accounting services we serve finance and accounting services offerings over the entire range of accounts including accounts payable/receivable, client billing, audits and revenue accounting.

We as BPO outsourcing partner, the clients achieve their business goals more efficiently and economically.