Background verification Services

We provides comprehensive background screening services that help organizations to mitigate risks and make informed decisions in critical areas such as employment, supplier selection, investment, placement, institutional admissions and data breach management including identity theft solutions for the individuals.

EBS stands for employment background screening. The essential process of conducting through background check scan be gauged from the fact that almost 15-20% resumes are either faked or fudged in some way. Large number of candidates gets hired on faked certificate without getting caught. The fallout identity and data theft, loss of reputation, financial loss, liability due to negligent hiring, low employee morale, threat to employee safety and security, risk of fraud, loss of customer confidence.

Fraud solution's practice services include pre-incident consultation, breach prevention, and response management, with crisis, communication capabilities should there be need to prepare for media interaction. Additionally, for clients the fraud solutions team offers customized safeguards that include proactive monitoring of credit and non-credit activities, fraud investigation, and restoration of identity theft victims. Contact us for more information about working with iiservz as your single-source background screening partner or learn more about selecting a screening provider.

BGC Checks

  • Address Check

  • Education Check

  • Employment Check

  • Reference Check

  • Police Check

  • Criminal Database Check

  • Identity Check

  • Company Search

  • Drug Screening

  • Property Check